Bobcat Launches Multi-Platform Social Media Efforts

Bobcat launched its social media efforts yesterday on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Flickr. Bobcat has had an established YouTube video channel for several years.

This multi-channel approach allows Bobcat to inform and interact with customers in more ways. Bobcat’s Facebook page allows customers to share their Bobcat experiences; Twitter provides real-time, quick updates and responses; YouTube users can share their videos; Google+ provides a mini-blog format in which Bobcat can display company information; Flickr houses company images while allowing customers to share their images as well; and LinkedIn allows the community to connect with Bobcat through a branded profile.”

To connect with Bobcat, visit:
Bobcat on Facebook (
Bobcat on Twitter (
Bobcat on Youtube (
Bobcat on Google+ (
Bobcat on Flickr (
Bobcat on LinkedIn (

Via Equipment World Magazine:

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