Recent Feature: Big Iron Dealer

If you missed our talk at AED Summit last month, you can catch up on what we disscussed in this recent feature on Big Iron Dealer where they recount our tips on social media for your industry. We pride ourselves on not only being industry experts in the realm of social media, but also for providing a social media management service exclusively for the commercial industry! Connect with us at for more information on what this offering looks like. And check out the article below to see what we suggest you do on these platforms!

Big Iron Dealer: How dealer social media efforts lead to sales, increased customer engagement

“When a California dealership started a new social media initiative, it had one primary objective: increase sales. From the beginning of the campaign, its social media presence was dismal: it had less than 200 likes on Facebook…”

Sarah Gallagher

Marketing Coordinator at Commercial Web Services. Content writing is what I live for, as I aim to offer insight that helps make your business ventures possible. As a self-proclaimed creative, I enjoy reading and writing as well as working with my hands on DIY projects at home.

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