Keyword: Winning

Can you name the top keywords searched for your business? Having just finished up a refresher course on SEO fundamentals, I wanted to share my biggest take away with you, our dealers, for ranking on Google: keywords. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, it all comes down to being found online. And good news- Google actually provides some free tools to help you figure out what people are searching! Our in-house search services team has also contributed to our findings on keywords and how they can impact your business. ... Continue Reading

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Tips for Writing Better Meta Tags

One of the keys to search engine success is creating and formatting good meta tags that clue the search engines in on what you offer as well as act as the bait to get web surfers to click on your site. We are often asked by our customers what to include in the meta tags and what to use for keywords. Here is a simple run down of what you should include in your meta tags and suggestions for finding keywords to help your search engine success rate.... Continue Reading

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