How to Choose the Best Social Networks For Your Business!

Did you know that over 91% of brands use 2 or more social media channels for their business? More and more business are signing up for multiple social channels in order to reach more followers and share the right content in the best way possible. While it is unlikely your business is only present on one social media channel, striking the perfect balance can be quite tricky. Representing your business on too many channels can be a huge time waster and underrepresenting may mean missing opportunities to reach potential customers and harmful to your brand’s visibility. So how do you know which channels will work for you? Below we have summarized the follower demographics for 4 of the most popular social channels for business and what the overall business goals each channel can help you achieve. With this information, your business can make a more informed decision on which social channels your should have a presence on. ... Continue Reading

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5 Ways You Can Stop Bothering Your LinkedIn Connections

5-ways-to-stop-bothering-your-connections-1With so many social platforms to choose from, people value LinkedIn for maintaining a professionalism other social channels often lack. With this reputation, LinkedIn requires specific best practices for users that don’t always align with other social platforms. So, if you’ve been treating LinkedIn like every other social platform, it’s time to adapt your LinkedIn usage using our tips, and ensure you’re not alienating prospects or future employers. ... Continue Reading

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