Construction Spring Safety Tips

Do you ever drive by a construction site on an early, freezing morning and say, “They must be so cold!”? I know I do. Many construction workers look forward to Spring. No more frigid, cold temperatures when they have to be at the job site well before the sun comes up. Not only is it warmer out, but it stays light out longer, giving them more time to enjoy the day when they get off of work. However, with Spring comes a different set of safety hazards that you might not think of. To prepare in advance for these hazards, construction workers first have to learn what they are. Let’s take a look at some spring safety tips. ... Continue Reading

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Summer Safety: 10 Ways to Survive the Heat

working in summer heatHeat exposure can be dangerous for anyone, but outdoor workers have to be especially cautious during the hotter summer months. Exerting large amounts of physical force while out in the sun can put you more at risk for dehydration and heat stress, both of which can lead to heat exhaustion and even heat stroke. If it can happen to people at amusement parks who are walking around and waiting in line, then it can happen to you!... Continue Reading

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The Sometimes Overlooked Workforce Hazard…the Sun

In the agriculture and heavy equipment industry many jobs are performed outside. Road work, construction, landscaping and farming are all done, for the most part, outdoors. Now that we are well into Spring and with Summer just around the corner it’s a good time to discuss health and safety when working outdoors in the sun.... Continue Reading

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